About Us

Worlds Beyond is a way of life with no judgment.  "Worlds" signifies an all-inclusive space and "Beyond" means to live in the beyond. So Live Free.


Our Promise: Providing a safe and positive environment for those looking to further their spiritual knowledge

Worlds Beyond is: always there, kind, inclusive, safe, knowable 

Worlds Beyond is never: judgmental, rude or callous

we believe in freedom of thought, expression, and community growth. With our active involvement we hope to improve the community and build bridges between religions of all paths and faiths. The products and knowledge that we provide is a cornerstone for getting the conversation started while providing a safe and judgment free area where like-minded individuals can express who they are. There is a certain level of shame and persecution to the people that we provide for. Worlds Beyond aims to change that. There has never been a better time to do it.

We have three suppliers that are specific for new age religion market. We can do custom orders and hard to find items through our suppliers in store and online.

From everyone at Worlds Beyond, from our hearts to yours, “live free”. 

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